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Attorneys may advertise as certified specialists only if they are certified directly by the State california attorney search or an organization accredited by the State Bar to certify such attorneys.

The specialty areas without an asterisk are certified directly by the State Bar. Those marked with an asterisk are certified by organizations accredited by the State Bar. For more information on those organizations, use the links below.
To check a California attorney’s official State Bar record, go to Attorney Search. If the California attorney is a certified specialist, the attorney’s record will list the area of specialization.

Neither the State Bar of California nor its Board of Legal Specialization can make attorney referrals. However, a list of certified specialists is available using the links on this page.

In addition, many local bars and other organizations offer lawyer referral services. (Please note that a «certified» lawyer referral service will not necessarily provide a reference to a certified specialist. To find a certified specialist, check the form above.)

Certified specialists are often available to speak to groups or organizations. Send requests to